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Carolina Amoretti Speaks on Her Unorthodox Photography and Eclectic Athleisure Brand Fantabody.

As an artist, Carolina Amoretti's unique lens connects very clearly with her Italian background. Amoretti is a photographer raised in Liguria and currently based in Milan. She is the founder of Fantabody, an eclectic capsule of bodysuits and athleisure that exudes a sporty fit with an erotic touch. As a brand, Fantabody focuses on body positivity while expressing a freedom to mix the aerobic and lingerie worlds. The "Fantagirl" community includes many international celebrities: DuaLipa, Solange Knowles, M.I.A, Elisa Toffoli, Francesca Michielin, to name just a few. Amoretti spent time with Female Hercules here, telling us about her process and the ethos behind all of her artistic pursuits.


What was it like growing up in Liguria? How has Italian culture shaped your artistic expression?

Growing up by the sea meant a lot to me. Contemplating the winter sea and getting out in nature gave me an alternative to traditional leisure activities. Also, growing up in Liguria gave me time to study art and classic dance. Italy for me represents my home and culture. I think that my work is sensual and full of vitality like Italian people.

Tell me about Fantabody. Why merge the fashion world with the fitness world?

Fantabody shall promote a new way of clothing where women can mix streetwear with luxury, casual and activewear. All the people now give attention to the appearance. Going to the gym and having active clothes in the wardrobe is a big part of every day life. Why not mix it with fashion?

What is the most important part of your artistic process? Is there something you can’t do without when you are on set?

I was born a photographer and photography is my first passion. On the set I just need the team to work with passion and good vibes. When I draw the collection for Fantabody, I think about the shooting of the clothing pieces to understand how to create the new style and mood.

How do you celebrate the female body in your work?

The female body is an inspiration for me and I believe it has always been.

I am fascinated by the evolutionary process and by the female power of creation ( the main theme of our last collection aw 19/20)

I simply try to give it importance because it comes naturally to me. I believe in the emancipation of women and in their sensitivity, and it is important to tell it also in fashion where women are often poorly represented. I love imperfections because they are what make us unique, Fantabody fights the beauty stereotype and is a community of girls proud of themselves, girls of different cultures, age and origin.

Sometimes people see nudity in art and they instantaneously dismiss it as crude instead of looking deeper and appreciating it as an art form. This is ridiculous. The nude is depicted in the most ancient art and it is the point of view that changes the essence.

Photographing a naked body or a beautiful flower is the same experience for me.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your career so far?

Believe in what you do and if you get results it's because you did it well. Then start from the beginning and do it even better. Only sacrifice makes a career.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

To grow up in my job and have a family.




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