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Alejandra Smits Opens Her Poetic Mind to Share Healing Wisdom

I asked poet and multidisciplinary artist Alejandra Smits for her wisdom on how women can take responsibility for themselves, develop and manifest the power of feminine energy, and approach self care. Alejandra's responses to these interview questions were in a series of poems, which can be freely interpreted by the reader for self healing and growth.


What is femininity? What is coming into womanhood?

It is entering a room with interesting furniture and soft bed linen. You get to play with powerful objects, learn how to hang some curtains if you feel like it, clean the walls and floors. Plant some seeds outside your window. Refurnish it every now and then. Invite people over to share the space with them. Learn its limits and magical powers.

What is self-care and acceptance? My body belongs to me And I love myself So I love my body

What is knowing thyself? Observing The observer observe

(Alejandra Smits for Paloma Wool wearing her poetry in promotional video 'A Love Letter')

What is being present? Giving the same amount of importance love and awareness to every existing situation and being But all of that is just a mirror of who you are

What is self-empowerment? Realizing you’re responsible for your existence And your emotions And everything that “happens to you” You are happening at the same time Winking at yourself for knowing you are a never-ending being

(Alejandra Smits for Paloma Wool)



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