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Javin Mitra Capturing Los Angeles Streetwear and Hip Hop Culture

Javin Mitra is a photographer of hiphop culture based in Los Angeles. He started taking photos of streetwear while in high school which sparked his aspiration to become a truly great creative. Artists like Dexter Navy, Petra Collins, Rayscorruptedmind and Ian Connor inspired him to experiment with the digital medium. From there he expanded into film photography of high fashion and archive pieces. What makes Javin constantly evolve is his unquenchable thirst for growth "If my craft isn't always being 'sharpened' then I'm not progressing."

(D Savage Feb, 2017)

I choose subjects that I am genuinely interested in. I can shoot friends, celebrities, or a random stranger wearing 03' Raf Simons just because it's something that reflects my interests.

(TyLA, 2016.)

(D Savage Feb, 2017)

I look for good composition in my photos and I prefer sharp and grainy images. Very little of my shots were planned, so everything is natural and unforced.

(J $tashMay, 2017)

(Photography by Javin Mitra)

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