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Made in Hawaii: The Comical Works of Peaux Doodles

Maui based artist, Peaux Doodles, creates comical paintings and animations that many would consider to verge on grotesque. However, you won't be able to deny the his artistic talent and you won't be able to hold in your giggles. Picture this: his art is a strange concoction of Mauian landscapes, culture, and caricatured posteriors.

Female Hercules: So you’re based in California, have you lived there your whole life? Did you live in Maui?

Peaux Doodles: I moved to Maui four years ago and Ill probably never go back. I love the country/outdoor lifestyle. I have a unique situation where I can get most of what I need from my back yard. That would be much harder to do in CA.

FH: What aspect of Mauian culture has influenced your art the most?

PD: Hawaiian culture is all about Aloha and respect. I want my art to make people feel welcome. I want it to be appealing even if its a bit grotesque. To me my art has a welcome Aloha feeling. Im not sure if everyone agrees, but thats my intention.

FH: When did you start drawing?

PD: When I was tiny. Art was important to my family.

FH: What do you think your art suggests that you stand for?

PD: I hope it suggests I stand for laughter. I want people to laugh at my art. Even if they think its stupid. If they laugh at how dumb it is I count it as a win!

FH: Where did the overweight characters come from? Why are you so drawn to butts and buttholes?

PD: Its something that people are uncomfortable with. I think uncomfortable things are funny but I also think overweight figures and butts are appealing in a way. I like curves and glistening sunburns and stuff like that.

FH: How do you deal with criticism of your art (parents/family/girlfriends/boyfriends/commenters)? Who do you find appreciates your art most?

PD: I think everyone has been super accepting of my art. I was surprised, I thought people would think I was weird. I think people would be surprised at how much support they will get if they try something weird.

FH: Have you had a mentor? if yes, how did that help you and if no, how did you teach yourself?

PD: Im self taught but seeking a mentor!

FH: Which art collection are you most proud of and why?

PD: I like my animations. They make me laugh pretty hard if I havent seen one in a while.

FH: Did you ever take art classes? What did you study in college? How did that help/hurt you?

PD: I studied psychology. I think it helps to understand how other people feel. In general thats going to make life easier. I try to understand everyone even if I dont agree with them.

FH: Do you make a living from your art soley? What else do you do in your free time or work?

PD: I do some glass blowing (pipes and bongs) I also have some land that I manage. We grow 11 different types of bananas. Tons of types of avocados. Pineapples, papayas, star fruit. Pretty much everything!

FH: Could you tell me a little bit about Pharrow Stevens? What was the idea there and how is it different from your other works?

PD: Thats my art alias. It came from the idea of being anonymous so that I could choose who I share my personal art with.

FH: Your blog posts on your website focus a lot on spirituality, yoga, crystals. How do you come up with these comical comments and are you spiritual?

PD: Theres a huge spiritual movement here in Hawaii. For the most part its cool but theres a lot of people taking advantage of it. Lots of phoney healers and skeavy old hippies who use the lingo to influence people who might not know better. I poke fun at it because most spiritual people can laugh at some of the more "out there" aspects. Like those ear candles. Those dont work! Google it!!

FH: Where do you see yourself/your art going from here? A TV show? YT channel? Keep doing what you’re doing?

PD: Oooh! That would be awesome! I hope i can spend more time working on animation. I really need some people to brainstorm with. Things are always more funny when two people contribute. If I could find the right crew I think we could make something pretty funny.

Images via Peaux Doodles.

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